Round 7 Match Report

Wednesday 31 May 2023

A great day of footy for Old Camberwell Saturday – the first time this year all five teams had a win.
Our Third XVIII returned to the winners list with a 31 point win out at University Blues.  “Old Man” Brett Cottrell turned back the clock with a masterful 8 goal display, and Ben Williams played his 50th game for the club.  The win puts us back into the four with games against two of the lower placed sides to follow.
Our Under 19’s had another good win at home against Monash Blues; all the more meritorious in that six Under 19’s played in the senior side and a number more are still missing through injury.  We remain on top of the ladder courtesy of our strong percentage.
Our Women held Old Melburnians goalless on the way to a 13-point victory.  Both Tracy Lam and Prue Stoyles played their 50th game for the club – well done.
In the tightest game of the day the Reserves overcame a 3-point three quarter time deficit to get up by 3 points in a thrilling contest.  Thanks to experienced campaigners Daniel De Sanctis, Rob Deev and Greg Tolson who pulled the boots on for the first time this season to help out given our low numbers.
After a very slow start our Seniors led by 32 points late in the third quarter before the game had to be abandoned due to a nasty injury to an opposition player.  After falling awkwardly from a marking contest, he had some neck pain, and sensibly it was agreed to call an ambulance, which arrived some 50 minutes later.  Fortunately, after a night in hospital and a number of tests, he has been cleared of any damage.  It does remind us just how dangerous our game can be.  As the game had progressed beyond half time the scores at the time the game was stopped stand, meaning we keep the four points.
I did receive a nice letter from the Ormond President commending our club on the way we handled the incident, and thanking our trainers, Carina and Nick, for the support they gave during the time the player lay on the ground.  Thanks also to Alan Mitchell who went and stood on Balwyn Road for 50 minutes waiting to direct the ambulance to the scene.  I also received a number of calls/messages from players and supporters early this week asking how the young lad was.  It is great to be associated with such a caring and considerate club.
This weekend our Seniors and Reserves visit Parkdale, our Women play at Marcellin on Sunday, with the Under 19’s and Thirds at home on Saturday, playing Parkside and Monash Blues respectively.
The first luncheon for the year is to be held on 17 June, to celebrate the 1978 senior premiership, the 2017 women’s premiership and the 2017 Under 19 premiership.  Alex Dance from the Wellsmen is doing a fantastic job following players up, so please support us with getting as many players, family and supporters along on the day as possible.  As always, you don’t have to be associated with those sides to enjoy the lunch – feel free to come along anyway!
Good luck to all teams this weekend.

Go Wellers,
Gavin Powell

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Weekend Results

Old Melburnians   0.5.5
MEN SENIORS   11.5.71
Ormond   5.9.39
MEN RESERVES   10.4.64
Ormond   9.7.61
MEN THIRDS   13.10.88
Uni Blues   8.9.57
U19   10.16.76
Monash Blues   6.12.48

-- ROUND 8 --

Saturday 3rd June
11:40am vs Parkside (H)

Men Thirds
11:40am vs Monash Blues (H)

Men Reserves
11:40am vs Parkdale (A)
Gerry Green Reserve MAP

Men Seniors
2pm vs Parkdale (A)
Gerry Green Reserve MAP
Sunday 4th June

Women Seniors
2pm vs Marcellin (A)
Marcellin College, MAP


Thirds vs Uni Blues

Concluding with an 88-57 point victory, it was the motley crew of Melbournian Uni boys wearing blue that had to console themselves in the confines of their well designed abodes. 

Playing at a place distant from most and with change rooms equally distant from the grounds, it was the faithful fellows in the thirds who were to utilise this time to prove previous losses merely anomalies or outliers to the quadratic equation that is grass roots football. One thing outlined by the eagle eye coach in the pre game speech was the fact that the ground being played had an apparent gradient that would poise the second and fourth quarter as a period of points procurement. 

The opening quarter exposed the psychological effect that often occurs with humans whereby one gravitates to the skill level of their opponent. Old Camberwell made errors and decisions that should have been invisible yet were seemingly detectable. An early minor lead to start was not what was expected and new recruit Gabriel Shaw had difficulties with understanding how his superior frame interacted with those less genetically blessed.

The second quarter saw the later stages of a sculpture being formed with the rudimentary mass carved in the beginning showing elements of what could be a beautifully crafted piece of art. Brett Cottrell held the forward line well and showed that his home truly is the goal square and he is in fact a hermit. Tireless efforts of Lucas Noack and Jeremie Alexeyeff painted faces of frustration as the 25 point half time lead should have easily been more (particularly with the aforementioned gradient). With the siren sounding the boys opted to not begin their trek back to the change rooms and instead group off into their positions to reconcile their strategies. 

The third quarter, despite being against the infamous gradient was by far the old Camberwell boys Magnus opus with Brett Cottrell contributing to his tally of goals and requiring new pieces of chalk to tally his total to 8. Benjamin Williams in his legitimate 50th game showed why this spindly specimen is so sweetly serenaded in the squad with a salubrious smattering of disposals. Matthew Tesoriero, Liam Mouat, Nick Gooden and Cameron Martin all showed that backline football, while not your typically preferential position is in fact an important aspect that should be appreciated, accepted and equally accoladed as the forwards. 

The fourth quarter while presenting itself as an opportunity to step the foot on the throats of the opposition proved more challenging and the lead reduced to a frightening 18 points. This was of course until old Camberwell kicked three consecutive goals in three consecutive minutes seemingly securing the victory. There were actions unappreciated by both teams coaches in the dying minutes as success inflated egos and attitudes became the opposite of admirable. While words were had the end result could not be denied and the old saying rings true, “all is fair in love and war”.  

I congratulate the team on the victory but request that actions on field be considered more appropriately in future as small seemingly mundane decisions can lead to life’s biggest changes. 

Goal Kickers: B. Cottrell 8, O. Anderson, O. Papillo, H. Rice, J. Alexeyeff, M. Kearsley
Best Players: J. Alexeyeff, B. Cottrell, M. Cottrell, N. Gooden, L. Mouat, B. Williams

Andrew Lacki
Thirds Coach

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Women Seniors vs Old Melburnians

The women’s side was treated to some sunshine for Round 7 against Old Melbournians at GBO. It was a 50th milestone game for Prue Stoyles and myself. Slay!

Our Wellers went to work in the opening quarter and played with great structure, keeping the field open and moving the ball swiftly throughout the mid. Running onto the ball Georgia Opray was able to lock in the first goal thanks to a stellar play and set up along the far wing. I don’t remember our second goal from El Defina but how good?!

The next quarter was more of a battle, OMs were largely in possession and they bombarded us with forward pressure. The back six held strong however and we kept them to four behinds. Nat Decarne flexed her run off the backline whilst Issy Dedoncker and Sam Anjou were general pests to the opposition.

Half-time oranges were juicy and nerves were still slightly unsettled. Our midfielders Maggie, Clare, Alex, Bella and Saz then came out firing in the third and worked the ball to the safety of El who snagged another goal to extend our lead.

Congestion was the theme for the last quarter where both sides struggled to penetrate the scoreboard and the final siren sounded as we remained up by 13 points to get the win.

A million thanks and congratulations to everyone involved – volunteers, spectators, players, manager Rosie, Coops and Anna!

Goal Kickers: E. Defina 2, G. Opray
Best Players: A. Herrington, M. Wilson, I. Griffin, S. Fortunato, C. Wilson, N. Decarne

Tracy Lam

Mens Seniors vs Ormond

A couple of late outs this week with prolific ball winner Jimmy Allen & tall defender Kellan Percy having a spell with minor injuries. Luckily for us we have some real talent in our Under 19's Liam Thomas, Patrick Blew & another debutante Ty Beechy all were keen to showcase their skills in the seniors. 

Ormond season has been up & down this year however they had come to play opening a 13-point lead at the first break and showing some clean ball handling and attacking football. 

We would take full control in the second & third quarters using the expansive GBO to full advantage and finishing off with some great goal kicking. Harry Laukens continued his good form with 3 and he was well supported by Ben Hart & Liam Thomas with 2 apiece. Our inform Captain Gus Milham also snuck forward with a few towering marks and important goals. Riley Verbi was back to his best in the middle, well supported by the elusive Dave McColl who was judged BOG. 

The game would end prematurely with a nasty injury to an opposition player who landed awkwardly late in the third as the game was abandoned while waiting for his treatment. We wish him a speedy recovery. 

A slick performance by our boys and we look forward to taking on Parkdale away next week.

Thanks to all helpers on the day. 

Goal Kickers: H. Laukens 3, B. Hart 2, L. Thomas 2, A. Milham 2, R. Verbi, L. Powell
Best Players: A. Milham, D. McColl, H. Laukens, R. Verbi, W. Nevill, H. Veitch

Anson Brownless
Senior Coach

Mens Reserves vs Ormond

It was a very important game for the Ressies this week. We were up against Ormond at our home ground, and we knew a win would likely put us in the four.

Coming off the back of a big loss last week, the boys were keen on a bit of redemption.
The first quarter was a tough slog for both teams, with Camberwell’s straight kicking ensuring we were in front by a small margin at quarter time.

We agreed as a team that we could lift our pressure at quarter time and in the second quarter we came out ready to really take it to Ormond. Camberwell kicked 3 goals clear for half time with Jimmy Seaton Nichol leading the charge for the double blue. After a couple of silly mistakes in the 3rd quarter, we found ourselves 3 points down going into the final change.

We knew it was going to take our best effort to come from behind and pinch this one, but the boys all put in their best efforts, and we managed to get our nose in front with about 8 minutes to go.

This was thanks to huge efforts by Sammy Garrard on the wing pushing the ball forward every time he got near it, and Dom Rosetti who rucked all day and won the hit out that led to the goal that put us in front.

Once we were in front we threw B. Craigie behind the ball with H Crothers who both played the role of the wall perfectly, cutting everything off until the siren went and the boys took the win by 3 points.
The backline were magnificent all day again with Greg Tolson winding back the clock and sorting things out down there.

We are now sitting in forth and playing Parkdale who are 5th this week. This game will give us a buffer on the 4 so we are looking forward to taking it up to the Vultures on Saturday.

Goal Kickers: H. Crothers 2, C. Hillier 2, J. Seaton-nichol 2, C. MacCallum, M. Vogel, S. Garrard, C. Young
Best Players: J. Seaton-nichol, S. Garrard, H. Crothers, D. Rossetti, B. Craigie, G. Tolson

Steve Warrr
Reserves Coach

U19 vs Monash Blues

Goal Kickers: G. Cox 3, J. Davidson 2, M. Dalla Riva, C. Robertson, F. Chable, J. Spalding, H. Kimmitt
Best Players: F. Chable, C. Rutledge, J. Davidson, B. Joy, Z. Johnson, R. Wheelhouse

Round 7 Match Report

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