Round 6 Match Report

Wednesday 24 May 2023

Saturday football for the club began early with our Women taking on Brighton down at Brighton Beach Oval.  Unfortunately, it proved to be a long morning for our team resulting in a 67-point loss.  We are currently sitting mid-table with two wins and a draw with some challenging matches to come; but this also represents a great opportunity to knock-off some teams above us and climb the ladder.
Our Under 19’s then took on Old Haileybury at home and had an excellent 10-goal win.  We remain on top of the ladder courtesy of our strong percentage, but will find “easy” games harder to come by following our promotion to Division 2.
Our Thirds lost a close-fought game to Ormond by 19 points at the E.E. Gunn Reserve, a notoriously difficult place for visiting teams to win.  Similarly to our women, the Thirds are sitting just outside the four with three wins and three losses, with some season-defining games to come.
Our Men ventured out to Mazenod, and a depleted Reserves team were given a football lesson, going down by 135 points.  Despite the final margin, the boys gave their all for the entire game.  The opposition were very slick, with their skills and ball movement were worthy of a senior side.  Our wishes are with Finn Sampson who suffered a fractured and dislocated wrist late in the game – good luck in your recovery mate.
Our Seniors ground out a gritty 7 point win against Mazenod, with a late Harry Laukens goal sealing the deal.  The win returns us to second on the ladder, but the competition is very tight and there is no room for complacency.
This weekend sees a return to football at GBO, with our seniors and reserves playing Ormond, our women taking on Old Melburnians and the Under 19’s facing off against Monash Blues.  The Thirds travel to the Crawford Oval to take on Uni Blues.
I will keep reminding you of our “20k in ‘23” membership drive, and thank all of you who have pledged your support.  A list of our current members can be found on the website.  If you haven’t already joined, please get on board – we need your support.
Finally, I wanted to let you know of an initiative being undertaken by the school and the Old Boys, being the Push-Up Challenge.  Details are set out below:

This year Camberwell Grammar School and the Old Camberwell Grammarians’ Association (OCGA) are joining forces to take part in The Push-Up Challenge and would love you to get involved.

The Push-Up Challenge involves completing 3,144 push-ups (or a variety of exercises) from 1-23 June to raise awareness and shine the spotlight on mental health and suicide. Sound like too many push-ups? No probs, alternative exercises to push-ups are allowed and you can sign up for half the target instead of the full amount.

It is free to take part and there is an easy app where you can check on how you and the OCGA Team are tracking.

To view the OCGA Team and sign up now via this link

Both the School and the OCGA are great supporters of the footy club, so if you can help them out, that would be appreciated.
I look forward to seeing you down at the club this weekend.

Go Wellers,
Gavin Powell

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Weekend Results

Old Brighton   11.18.84
MEN SENIORS   9.9.63
Mazenod   7.14.56
Mazenod   23.12.150
MEN THIRDS   11.9.75
Ormond   13.10.88
U19   17.7.109
Old Haileybury   6.13.49

-- ROUND 7 --

Saturday 27th May
11:40am vs Monash Blues (H)

Men Thirds
11:40am vs Uni Blues (A)
Crawford Oval, Carlton North MAP

Men Reserves
11:40am vs Ormond (H)

Men Seniors
2pm vs Ormond (H)

Women Seniors
2pm vs Old Melburnians (H)


Women Seniors vs Old Brighton

A crisp, early morning saw the Weller's women head down to Brighton Beach Oval to take on
Old Brighton.

The girls started off incredibly strong, with great teamwork and poise through the mid resulting in
Alex Herrington kicking an absolute boot from outside the 50 off a step to score a goal in the first
5 minutes.

Liv Honoré dominated as usual in the ruck and could often be seen roving her own ball, while
mids Clare Wilson and Al Herrington were consistently competitive all day.

The second quarter also got off to a strong start, with Sara Fortunato knocking a quick ball
through from the goal square off the ground. Isabella Griffin played a magnificent first game back from injury and, along with Charlotte Lack, provided reliable run and support along the wings all game.

While unfortunately the game got away in the last half, the backline remained strong as usual,
with Izzy Dedoncker playing a vital role and taking some goal saving marks.

Overall, the girls showed promising signs and we look forward to taking on Old Brighton again in
the future.

Goal Kickers: S. Fortunato, A. Herrington
Best Players: A. Herrington, O. Honore, C. Wilson, I. Dedoncker, I. Griffin, L. Zhang

Louise Zhang

Mens Seniors vs Mazenod

Round 6 saw the senior men’s side travel to Central Reserve to take on Mazenod. We were eager to get back on the winners list however were met by a sharp and determined opposition.

The first quarter saw us on the back foot and struggling to settle into our game style. Mazenod were moving the ball quickly and putting out backline under constant pressure. Some fantastic defensive efforts from the backs and a lone goal from Lachie Powell would ensure that we stayed in touch on the scoreboard early in the game.

As the game progressed into the second quarter, we would find some more composure with the ball and work our way back into the game. Our foot skills were gradually improving, and we were able to make the most of our opportunities up forward. Will Neville was controlling his wing, and Caleb Finlayson was looking dangerous across half forward in his first senior game. Some great work across half back from Harry Mccoll and Tom Oliver would limit Mazenod to 1 goal and ensure that we go in at half time with a 1-point lead.

The third quarter saw us play our best footy for the day – our midfield group of Allen, Veitch x 2, Verbi and Dave Mccollwere on top and our forwards were looking more and more dangerous as the game wore on. A great mark and finish from the skipper Gus Milham would give us 4 goals for the quarter, however our opponents were not going to lie down, and we went into ¾ time with an 8-point lead.

Mazenod would test us again in the last quarter, pressing hard until the final siren.  Much of the final period was played with the margin at less than a kick, however a late mark and goal from Harry Laukens would give us some breathing room in the final minutes. Our backline were rock solid throughout, and we would eventually hold on for the win by 7 points, 63-57. It was a great effort from the team to hold on and win away, against a quality opposition.

Goal Kickers: L. Powell 3, B. Hart 3, R. Verbi, H. Laukens, A. Milham
Best Players: H. McColl, J. Allen, H. Veitch, S. Veitch, T. Oliver, W. Nevill

Ben Hart

Mens Reserves vs Mazenod

Goal Kickers: J. Seaton-nichol 2
Best Players: J. Seaton-nichol, M. Vogel, K. Buntine, T. Nicholson, C. Young, C. Hillier

Steve Warrr
Reserves Coach

U19 vs Old Haileybury

Goal Kickers: L. Thomas 4, M. Cheshire 3, T. Beechey 2, F. Chable 2, A. Shinnick, B. Carlisle, B. Joy, S. Peirson, B. Grlj, C. Rutledge
Best Players: J. Schreuder, C. Rutledge, B. Carlisle, B. Joy, A. Shinnick, P. Blew

Thirds vs Ormond

88-69 Loss, teaching the boys a little lesson on how important it is to not fall asleep at the wheel and cause a car crash that could ruin the lives of fruitful friends in a frightful flash! The victors were Ormond but football still won at the end of the day!

A new week to show up and stretch the legs was in order after a dismal loss the week prior, however many names still remained absent, meaning the team was once again having to adjust to a new playing group and styles not previously sussed. An early lead of 3 goals from the boots of Matthew Cottrell, Lewie Neil and Brett Cottrell had the boys in blue holding their heads high and brimming with confidence. The heat in the kitchen however was about to be turned up by the opposition, almost as if Gordon Ramsay himself had entered to commence his onslaught of gratuitous foul language and questions of your passion for the culinary arts. An arm wrestle ensued but a series of goals saw the quarter time score conclude at 26-25 with Camberwell trailing by the loneliest number.

Second quarter was primed for the thirds population to pounce and position themselves as half time leaders. Unfortunately, skill errors, inability to attack the ball and like Simon and Garfunkle’s beautifully crafted song, the sounds of silence swept the field and Old Camberwell trailed by 24 at half time. If it weren’t for the likes of Liam Mouat tirelessly working in the backline this multiple of 6 could have been considerably higher. He who shall not be named (Andrew Lacki, the coach) was suitably frustrated and not willing to wear a mask of friendliness as he addressed the cohort in the cold crevasse that is the Ormond ‘away’ change room.
With the leadership group addressing the games weaknesses and the coach showering the souls with saliva, the men who proudly wear the Camberwell patch were ready to prove that who they were in quarter two is not who they are in their hearts.

The third quarter saw early goals from Ormond and missed opportunities from us boosting the lead to 35. In the blink of an eye, lighting struck and the ability to support one’s man with second efforts and linking plays saw the behemoth of a bicep that was the opposition reduce to a pre-pubescent muscle that can only be seen on a boy entering the gym as he tries to become a man. Coops, Kimmo, Jez, Jamie and Heavey, all came together for what would be the play of the season. The crowd watched in awe as the ball propelled from the back white paint, past the oppositions offensive attempt at defence and into our forward arc. The ball bounced off the boot of Timbo and over the heads of several on the sidelines. The reaction of Tim was like that of ‘He-man’ raising his sword to the sky as the lucky lads near by all gathered round basking in the glory of the successful solution to the equation Ormond had put on the board.

While the deficit reduced from 35 to an all time low of 8 thanks to the beautiful boot of Matthew Cottrell, some late goals in the fourth term saw a final score of 88 against every boy’s favourite number of 69. A remarkable effort was displayed by all, in particular Ben Williams who without actually attending the match somehow managed to secure his 50th game for the club…

Notable mentions of some additional players sought in the last minutes of the week must be given to Thomas Murphy and Steven Henderson who showed a willingness to give the glorious game everything they had and creating a nightmare evening at the laundromat as their white gurnseys were now deeply stained mud brown.

Goal Kickers: B. Cottrell 4, T. Heavey 2, M. Cottrell 2, L. Weinlich, L. Neil
Best Players: J. Alexeyeff, S. Cooper, B. Cottrell, Z. Herbstreit, B. Kimmitt, L. Mouat

Andrew Lacki
Thirds Coach

Congratulations to Ben Williams - 50 games

Round 6 Match Report

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