Round 1 Match Report

Thursday 20 April 2023

Amateur footy returned to GBO on Saturday – unfortunately the Weather Gods didn’t give us the beautiful Autumn afternoon we had hoped for; instead, it was windy and drizzly conditions that greeted us.  Typical football weather really!
Despite the unfavourable conditions, it was fantastic to be back.  Large crowds attended all games, and by all accounts the new coffee machine in the canteen (courtesy of Alan Vickery) nearly broke down through overuse.  And the season started well, with four wins and one loss in a very competitive game.
The Third XVIII, under the stewardship of new coach Andrew Lacki, smacked West Brunswick by 97 points.  This represented a great start to a season in which the boys will be looking to erase the disappointment of last year’s preliminary final loss.
The Under 19’s then put on a commanding display, thrashing Therry Penola by 181 points.  There is a huge amount of talent in this group, and I would expect a number of those boys to play at a higher level this year.
The Ressies kicked off proceedings on the bottom oval, and were extremely impressive in defeating Old Carey by 22 points.  It was a close fought win, and accurate kicking helped us get over the line.  Congratulations to Steve Warr on getting the chocolates in his first game as coach.
In a rematch of the 2022 grand final, the Women’s team took on Beaumaris.  At the end of a hard fought contest we went down by 24 points, but showed plenty of positive signs for the season ahead.
In the final game the Seniors broke away from Old Carey with a seven goal to zero last quarter to run out winners by 46 points.  This was a really encouraging start to the year and should give the boys plenty of confidence.
A big thank you to all of our supporters who made it down to the club on Saturday, and to all of those who played in the earlier games and stayed around to support the teams playing later in the day.  All of this helps to build on the great culture the club has developed over the years.
Next week we are spread far and wide – the Women play at Hampton at 9.20am, our Thirds host Hampton Rovers (also at 9.20am), the Unders travel to Bulleen for a 11.40 game, and the Seniors and Reserves visit Old Ivanhoe.
Just a reminder of our membership drive - $20k in ’23.  For as little as $100, you can help the club reach its objective of 200 members in 2023, and help our club provide a safe and respectful environment for over 170 young people to enjoy the game we all love.
Good luck to all teams for the week ahead.

Go Wellers,
Gavin Powell

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Weekend Results

Beaumauris   6.7.43
MEN SENIORS   11.10.76
Old Carey   3.12.30
MEN RESERVES   13.4.82
Old Carey   8.12.60
MEN THIRDS   18.14.122
West Brunswick   3.7.25
U19   29.21.195
Therry Penola   2.2.14

-- ROUND 2 --

Saturday 22nd April
11:40am vs Bulleen Templestowe (A)
Ted Ajani Reserve, Templestowe Lower MAP

Men Thirds
9:20am vs Hampton Rovers (H)

Women Seniors
9:20am vs Hampton Rovers
Boss James Reserve, Hampton MAP
Men Reserves
11:40am vs Old Ivanhoe (A)
Chelsworth Park, Ivanhoe MAP

Men Seniors
2:00pm vs Old Ivanhoe (A)
Chelsworth Park, Ivanhoe MAP



Women Seniors vs Beaumaris

Finally round 1 arrived and the nerves and excitement was evident - a Grand Final rematch.
Great start to the game as Old Camberwell kicked the 1st goal then Beaumaris quickly replied.
A 2nd goal from the WELLERS from a brilliant long bomb by the Skipper S. Fortunato was appreciated loudly from the bench. Then a late goal from the oppo had their noses in front at quarter time.
2nd quarter Beaumaris put the foot down with 3 goals to our 1 which meant we went in at half time 17pnts down.
But some individual brilliance from Jane Edwards from Ireland playing FB in her 1st ever game was inspiring and could have been further behind.
3rd quarter was just played between both half back lines but we did concede another goal. El Defina starting to show why she won the comp medal and Olivia Honore also 1st gamer never giving up in the ruck.
3 quarter time break and 25pnts down with the rain continually dropping I asked the players to let's just win the last quarter and to their credit they did by a 1 point.
Never gave in which always makes the coach proud.

David Cooper
Women's Coach

Goal Kickers: M. Matheson 2, S. Fortunato
Best Players: J. Edwards, L. Zhang, O. Honore, E. Defina, S. Fortunato, E. de Rauch

U19 vs Therry Penola

Goal Kickers: L. Thomas 6, S. Veitch 4, S. Wenn 4, C. Finlayson 3, H. Kimmitt 3, T. Beechey 2, F. Chable 2, J. Davidson 2, S. Woods, L. Ross, R. Wheelhouse
Best Players: B. Carlisle, S. Woods, L. Thomas, M. Horn, B. Grlj, J. Davidson

Thirds vs West Brunswick

121-25, a magnanimous result for the inaugural game of a few young boys and the new coach of the 3rds football club. The initial target set of 7.12 was scoffed by a few but as coach it’s always important to set the bar low enough as to not strike down the morale of all.
The game was played with intensity and ferocity with every player who made up the evenly divisible by 6 team of 24, stepping up to the plate and showing they were ready for a new season of our beloved game.

Noting early after the commencing siren sounded that our opposition was playing a reactionary style of neo marngrook, the discipline of our men shined and the centre clearances poetic with Domonic Rossetti winning as if the word failure was not part of his vocabulary. The leadership of the commendable captain Matthew Cottrell was felt by all with a disposal heavy first quarter awarding our forward line opportunity after opportunity to ease the ball past the white paint and through for a major score of 6. While the centre clearances were won, no team can rely on a single effort for a successful style of play and the names of Charles Maccallum and Lucas Noack bellowed across the suitably green grounds. Supporting roles of Samuel Cooper, Benjamin Kimmit and Anton Giomi all lead to what appeared from the sidelines as an indestructible stacked centre of sentient beings.

One must comment on the last line of defence with the boys out back showing infallibility by reducing any attempt from the worried West Brunswick to just that… attempts. Leadership was shown by the magical Matthew Tesoriero who played the role as a bastion of defence, working the bodies and cementing successful clearances back to the likes of Roberto Spagnoletti. Nicknamed ‘spags’, the power exuded by his metatarsals meant many men could not compete and the leather which was lucrative to our scoreboard was back with the hands of Lachlan Weinlich and Brett Cottrell. Michael Jenkin should be awarded notoriety for his ever present and incessant birthright to hold the ball like a caring mother with child.

Many names could be mentioned, and many more names should, but for the sake of keeping my words to a consumable level every boy in blue who stepped foot on the grass in the name of Gordon Barnard should hold their heads high for the grace they showed and the courage they mustered to deliver a commendable and enviable victory of 94 points.  

Andrew Lacki
Thirds Coach

Goal Kickers: L. Weinlich 4, M. Jenkin 4, B. Cottrell 3, C. Howard 2, O. Papillo 2, A. Giomi 2, D. Mollard
Best Players: S. Cooper, M. Jenkin, C. MacCallum, D. Rossetti, R. Spagnoletti, M. Tesoriero

Mens Seniors vs Old Carey

The Wellers kicked off their season with an impressive victory over Old Carey. 

It was a tough day for football with consistent rain providing slippery conditions at our beloved GBO. Old Carey was up for the challenge early in the game coming down from B grade and they were very keen to impress early. 

Our boys continued their good preseason form with a hard fought 46-point victory. Carey would test us early in the game with a competitive game style for most of the contest Eventually we were able to wear down the opposition and break away with a 7-goal last quarter. 

First gamers Pat Blew & Harry Mccoll were in everything all day winning plenty of footy & providing plenty of pace. 

New captain Gus Milham was also in control all day leading from the front and providing many opportunities to Riley Verbi(BOG) & James Allen who controlled the midfield battle. Harrison Veitch playing his first game for the Club was also very impressive. 

Lachie Powell was our top goal kicker with 4 and Ben Hart giving great support with 3 majors.

A fantastic start to the season for the Boys and we look forwards to hitting the road to face Old Ivanhoe 

Thanks to all supporters who braved the rain

Anson Brownless
Senior Coach

Goal Kickers: L. Powell 4, B. Hart 3, H. Laukens 2, R. Verbi, J. Allen
Best Players: R. Verbi, T. Oliver, A. Milham, L. Powell, H. McColl, J. Holding

Mens Reserves vs Old Carey

On Saturday the Reserves took on Old Carey at Gordon Barnard reserve.  Old Carey were coming down from playing finals in B grade last year, so our boys were looking forward to the challenge, and they did not disappoint.

We came out of the blocks early in a hard fought first quarter against the wind. Captain of the team for 2022, Matt Vogel, lead the boys courageously organising the midfield and making sure we got the ever-important clearances from the middle.

The team also worked the ball cleverly against the wind to score a few goals and set up the rest of the game. Joe Simon was instrumental in getting the score on the board early with some strong marks and selfless assists.

The second quarter wasn’t our best. We didn’t take advantage of the breeze and were overusing the football. The players came in at half time with the scores very close, knowing they could lift. After a bit of soul searching in the rooms and a few reminders of how hard we worked in the pre-season, the boys bounced back against the breeze in the 3rd quarter applying great pressure and making the Carey boys look nervous.

Big Boaksy in the ruck was getting tired from putting the ball wherever he wanted and needed a chop-out, and Kail Buntinewas the man for the job. It was the first time he played in the ruck and he was an important part in turning the game. We started working the ball out of the middle better and kicking it more efficiently. Going into the final quarter the scores were very tight still. This is where all that horrible pre season running started to pay off. Camberwell had the breeze in the last quarter and put on 4 or 5 quick goals by simply running harder than Carey.

Every player in the team worked together and played their role in the win. Lewi Campbell was rock solid down back and didn’t miss a target with his kick-ins. Jasper Fodor provided an unbeatable target for Lewi on half backline allowing us to clear the ball out of defence easily. Kerry and Gaz on the wings ran all day and allowed us to get the ball in and score quickly as well.

All in all, it was a great team effort and we couldn’t have had a better start to the year. Well done lads!

Steve Warrr
Reserves Coach

Goal Kickers: M. Vogel 2, J. Simon 2, M. Clark 2, B. Craigie 2, A. Taverner 2, C. Frazer, N. Russell, J. Kerr
Best Players: L. Campbell, T. Nicholson, A. Taverner, C. Frazer, J. Fodor, J. Kerr

Round 1 Match Report

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