Round 7 Review

Wednesday 26 May 2021

As we all love to say, a week’s a long time in football. Long time in life sometimes. And so it was for many of our teams this week. The Under 19s, off the back of a poor showing by their ever-evolving standards, bounced back with a ripping four quarter performance. Our Men’s Reserves rediscovered their mojo at the magnificent Toorak Park and put last week’s ‘out of sorts’ display back in its box. After recording their first win of the season, our Women’s Reserves faced perhaps the most accomplished Women’s club in B Grade as did our Women’s Seniors, who were stirring winners the week prior. Both battled their games out as they always do. Our Men’s Seniors tasted defeat for the first time this season against a strong Prahran Assumption side, kicking a decent score for an English opener in points (21 if you’re wondering).


The only side to go back to back this week was the thundering Thirds. Incredibly, what started as a possibility has now turned into a concrete certainty with over 75 players on the roster and 50 already having played a game. A huge thanks to Richie McDonald and Jim Smith for convincing the club it could happen and for making Wellers footy possible for so many. Long may it continue.


While the Thirds bucked the trend, they’ll face a fresh challenge this week as will all our teams. We get the chance to review what went well, what went wrong and do what we can to address it for next Saturday. But we’ll only do this if we all takes accountability for ourselves. It can’t be up to the coach, the captain, the conditions. If we leave it to others, to the elements, the external…we’re finished. They’ll always be an excuse. If we are to move from being a good club to a bloody amazing one both on and off the field, we need everyone to be acting with accountability. Doing a few more of the little things that matter around the place. I’ve no doubts we’ll respond across the teams this week and across the Club. We have outstanding people.


Speaking of outstanding people, I’d like to make special mention of Alex McKenzie, Head Coach of our Women’s Team. The call went out late Saturday that the Under 19s couldn’t find an umpire. Macca had already volunteered to umpire the Thirds in Burwood and on learning of the need, volunteered to umpire the Unders back at GBO. He drove back and while he ultimately wasn’t needed, then helped set up the scoreboard and pitched in for Canteen set up. All this on his ‘day off’ as the Women played Sunday. Thank you Macca.


Now is probably a good time to again ask for any field umpires who can help the Club. As I’ve said, the VAFA has a big shortage and every week we’re being asked to supply field umpires to at least two and sometimes three games. We are building a list but we need more support. We’re able to pay $100 a game so if you can help, please contact Andrew Romanin – 0431 720 349.


I’m looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend back at GBO where we have another Super Saturday. Let’s see how this week in football pans out for the Wellers.


Go Wells.


Round 7 Review

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