Round 5 Review

Monday 10 May 2021

I’ll confess, I haven’t always been the most diligent of Mother’s Day observers. It wasn’t helped by a Mum who always refused to make a fuss and actively discouraged any show of celebration. All she ever asked for was a card which had to be written by my sister and I. No printed messages from Hallmark allowed.

As with a lot of things, age forces you to reflect and I’ve pondered Mum’s reluctance. I suspect she was making several points, perhaps one being that it shouldn’t take a ‘special day’ to tell someone you love how you feel, what you mean to them and how thankful you are they’re in your life. Maybe Mother’s Day is a good reminder of that for anyone in your life? Maybe you shouldn’t need reminding. I know I do.

So as I read through the match reports, I contemplated the countless hours and days all our players mother’s had put into their lives, all the sport they’d driven to, the injuries they’d nursed, the stories they’d listened to and wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you. To a woman and man, you’ve help create the outstanding people we have around our club, that make it such a special place and we’re forever grateful.

On that note, it would be wonderful to see as many Mum’s (and Dad’s and anyone who wants to come) at this Saturday’s Wellers Brunch. Things will kick off at 11am with fresh coffee and great food and we’ll ease into the afternoon with some good wines and generous cheese boards. It would be sensational to see everyone. Details below.

We’re excited about our first Super Saturday at GBO.



Wellers Brunch – THIS Saturday 15th of May
You can purchase tickets via the website at’re delighted to have former president Bryan Horskins joining us and he’s created a 60 Season wine he’s bringing to the lunch.

The brunch starts at 11am with fresh coffee and great food and we’ll open the bar,  serve cheese platters and nibbles alongside the brunch fare and have a great afternoon no doubt. I’ll be giving a brief update on the Club and will introduce some of our Men’s and Women’s players as well.

Photos for the History webpage for our 60 Seasons celebrations….As some of you may have seen, our new website has a dedicated History page found under The Club. We are looking to populate this with lots of photos from across the decades and we need your help.
If you have old photos we’d love to see them. Taking a photo on your mobile and sending them via email to our Webmaster, Craig Sampson - the easiest way. If you prefer to send them as hard copies, please send them to Old Camberwell Football Club, 55 Mont Albert Road, Development Office, Camberwell Grammar School, Canterbury, VIC, 3126 and we’ll get them onto the website asap and also archive them with Wearly.

Our Social Media Channels… Don’t forget, check out the new website and if you know someone who hasn’t signed up for this newsletter, let them know. Otherwise, follow us on Instagram at oldcamberwellfc or join the Facebook group at Old Camberwell Grammarians Amateur Football Club.

NEW Social Memberships…
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Our aim in 2021 is to have 30 members or Patrons and build towards 100 + over the next 3 years. We would love you to join us on the journey and help support our amazing young men and women on their journey as part of the Old Camberwell community.

Adam Kyriacou

Round 5 Review

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