Season Update March 2021

Tuesday 02 March 2021

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Old Camberwell Season Update - 1st March 2021

Greetings to the OCGAFC community 

While it's clearly too late to be wishing everyone a Happy New Year, it is great to be writing to our OCGAFC community in 2021. On behalf of the Committee, we hope everyone is safe and well and looking forward to a VAFA football season once again! Our players, coaches and support staff have been up and about since late last year and are preparing diligently for the season ahead - the 60th Season as a club! 
As of this week, I will recommence the weekly newsletter. There is a lot of information to share. We've been busy as a Club across many fronts and I'd like to update you with as much information as possible but in bite size chunks. 
First and foremost, the VAFA has been planning hard and they (and us) are confident the health and contingency plans are in place to launch the season on April 10th. Shortly we'll publish all the fixtures along with some tentative thoughts on events. We’re in constant contact with the VAFA and I believe one of the positives that have come out of 2020 is our closer relationship with the association. Our coaches and committee sit on steering groups and we have the opportunity to input into new ideas and innovations. I’d like to thank the VAFA for all their tireless work during this bloody tough time. 
For this week’s edition, I have two pretty awesome announcements. (We think so anyway!)

Now that qualifies as awesome surely? OCGAFC was established in 1960 and no global pandemic is going to rob us of the chance to acknowledge that heritage, thank the people who made it happen and celebrate where we are now together, when we can.
As part of celebrating 60 Seasons, we commissioned Simon Swingler to develop a 60 Season logo. Simon’s company, Design by Diameter, has a long relationship with Camberwell Grammar and Simon played for Old Camberwell in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Our brief was the develop a logo that combines our strong link with the school, our history, where we are now and a nod to the future. Not an easy brief you’ll agree!
The process took several months, more than half a dozen iterations and no doubt some hair pulling from Simon. I believe he’s done an amazing job and I’m delighted to share it with you today. 
Hopefully, you can see all the elements in the design. The OCGA logo and Men’s jumper on one side, the Women’s jumper on the other, OCGAFC and 1960 along with Old Camberwell Football Club at the top. We’ll be using this logo throughout 2021, are developing a range of merchandise and apparel and we hope you’ll join us across the year as we celebrate 60 great seasons. Details will follow re events, memberships and a range of activities.


The Committee had talked for a few years about the need to update our website. We spoke at length with Steve Derry, who had singlehandedly built and ran our previous site, consulted with several web designers and did an extensive study on other sporting clubs’ sites. This massive task was led by Craig Sampson who joined the Committee in 2020. Craig’s expertise on all things technical and project management meant we were in good hands and we’re really excited to officially launch the site.

I’d like to firstly thank Steve Derry for continuing to manage the previous website well after he should have, Craig for driving this through and all the Committee for the hard work on this key project. 
Important - we’re excited about the website but know it’s not perfect…yet. We’d love your ideas, input, content and suggestions on how we make it even better. We think we’ve made a great start and look forward to your comments. Moving forward we’ll direct a lot more posts and ideas to the website so please mark it as a favourite in your browser and we’ll be updating ASAP.
In next week’s addition, I’ll provide an update on our Coaches and Committee for 2021 and let you know about how we’re going to engage with Volunteers in 2021. 
We hope you enjoy the new website and 60 Season logo and look forward to writing next week.
Go Wells.





Season Update March 2021