Round 3 Review

Monday 26 April 2021


I’ll apologise upfront but I’m going to be brief this week. It was a jammed packed seven days at GBO starting with the school’s jumper presentation on Tuesday night with Brownlow medalist Tom Mitchell, then the return of The Boyd Soup Night(a la favourite son Boyd Elliott)  and ending with some champagne football from the Women’s Seniors on the Barnard Top Oval Saturday afternoon.

We started filming our new instagram sponsor profiles (please follow us @OldCamberwellFC) and are in current discussions regarding a new helper for our Canteens. I’ll hopefully be able to update you asap.

For those who haven’t year heard, the VAFA are struggling with umpires this year. These numbers aren’t exact but each week the league needs circa 220 umpires and currently there are circa 170. It might be even less. The upshot is that, each week, clubs are being asked to find and supply their own field umpires for their games. This week, James Howard, an old teammate of mine, stepped up for the Under 19s along with Andrew Romanin for the Thirds. A special plea – if you or anyone you know can or are willing to put your hand up and field umpire, please let us know. Call Andrew Romanin – 0431 720 349. We could really do with some help right now. The VAFA is covering some of the costs and you’d be doing OCGAFC a massive favour.

As ever, if you have some spare time and would like to give back to OCGAFC, sign up to our volunteer registry.

If you’d prefer to speak with us first, as always, please contact Katherine - 0424 345 605 or myself/Adam – 0499 333 571.

Don’t forget, check out the new website and if you know someone who hasn’t signed up for this newsletter, let them know. Otherwise, follow us on Instagram at oldcamberwellfc or join the Facebook group at Old Camberwell Grammarians Amateur Football Club. Oh and club merchandise is selling fast through the website. Check it out.

Come on the Wells.



Adam Kyriacou


Weekend Results

Fitzroy   2.3.15
Fitzroy   4.4.28
MEN SENIORS   14.10.94
St Mary's   6.11.47
MEN RESERVES   6.23.59
St Mary's   9.11.65
MEN THIRDS   12.15.87
Monash Blues   9.5.59
U19   2.9.21
Therry Penola   8.12.60

-- ROUND 4 --

Saturday 1st May
Men Thirds
9:20am vs Monash Blues (H)

9:20am vs La Trobe (A)
Main Oval, Bundoora MAP

Women Reserves
9:40am vs Old Geelong (A)
Como Park, South Yarra MAP

Women Seniors
11:40am vs Old Geelong (A)
Como Park, South Yarra MAP

Men Reserves
11:40am vs Peninsula (H)

Men Seniors
2pm vs Peninsula (H)
Round 3 Review

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