Season Update - July 29th

Wednesday 29 July 2020

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Old Camberwell Season Update - 29th July 2020

Welcome to the latest edition of our newsletter. It’s a little later this week given we’re entering the final days of the Future Footy Festival and I wanted to capture as many of our new member donors as possible over the weekend. You’ll notice a large influx of members which I’ll explain shortly. It was another incredible week.

As the dust settles on the season cancellation, it has only reinforced how important football clubs and communities are for our social and mental wellbeing let alone our physical fitness. Lockdown 2 feels tougher to take particularly with the possibility that things will extend. Uncertainty is unsettling and it is for this reason that I would urge all our community to stay connected with us. I appreciate different people prefer different mediums to receive communication and I wanted to highlight a few other ways to stay up to date.

  • This newsletter – it has surprised me how often I speak with former players and supporters and they mention they don’t receive this newsletter. For those of you who are reading this and know of someone who might like to receive it, PLEASE forward it to them and let them know they can simply go onto our current website ( and register their email address to go onto the mailing list. We will work hard for the remainder of 2020 to add more people to this list and we’d love your help.
  • Our social media channels – if you didn’t know, we have an OCGAFC Facebook Page (search OCGAFC) people can join along with our Instagram page (search Old Camberwell FC) you can follow. We are posting more and more content through these channels so please join us or contact me for further details.
  • Our website – as I have mentioned previously, we’re in the process of creating a new website which we’re excited about. We’ll launch this before the 2021 Season and will be incorporating a lot of new content including history pages, old photos and new segments to connect with you.
As important as any of the above is person to person communication. While we can’t meet in the flesh, we can still speak, Zoom etc. I have been fortunate to speak with many of our supporters over the last few months around the Future Footy Festival and it has definitely helped me stay well and feel connected. We are part of a wonderful community and I would encourage everyone in it to reach out to those you haven’t spoken to for a while and hear how they’re doing. Trust me, it all makes a difference.

Mental health experts all agree that the levels of stress and anxiety during these times will only increase. It is critically important we continue to remain vigilant for each other and ourselves and ask for and seek help when we need it. I have again attached Matt Beechey’s excellent document about working from home for everyone’s reference and again thank Matt for making it available to our community.


I have also attached a link to the VAFA’s Community Services Directory with links to key organisations that can assist individuals across a range of areas should they need them.

Our coaches, committee and supporters are also here to assist wherever we can. We will continue to engage with you and welcome any contributions or ideas/suggestions you have. Please contact me on or 0499 333 571.

Our community have continued to inspire and amaze us with their generosity for the Future Footy Festival. This week you’ll see a long list of member donors. I have thanked those collectively who got behind our 60 for 60 event earlier in the year and am delighted to individually acknowledge and thank them alongside our other new member donors this week.

A heartfelt thanks to all our sensational new member donors.  As with previous weeks, several members donated anonymously.
  • Damien McGuigan  ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Peter and Karen Taverner ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Matt Hanson ‘Come on the Wells’
  • Peter Robinson ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Chris Bester ‘Come on the Wells’
  • David Richmond ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • John Lagzdins ‘Come on the Wells’
  • Nornie Vickery ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Anna Sallows ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Oli Schieber ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Mitchell Anjou ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Kathy Vogel ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Scott Kertes ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Nerida Cleland ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Ana Smith ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Nikki Goodrick ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Marlene Bernau ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Sarah Goldblatt ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Alex Osborne ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Kirsty Phelps ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Will Kanz ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Kate Vickery ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Rachael Kertes ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Louise Anderson ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Emi Holding ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Bec Kertes ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Annie Shaw ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Jemma Pentelow ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Hamish Shearer ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Julie Vickery ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Di Vickery ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Nicola Williams ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Ella Taverner ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Olive Burnside ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Arj Chandra ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • James McNicol ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Georgia Ellis ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Jackson Whittaker ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Paul Kertes ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Dave Smith ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Simon Kawanishi ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Megan Buckle ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Mike Kertes ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Val Bourke ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Claire Elovaris ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Lexi Kowal ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Mandi Bramwell ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Shaz & Grant Bramwell ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Jake Marnie ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Leigh Hodgson ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Matt Williams ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Andy Bentley ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Sam Bramwell ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Helene Froisland ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Jacquie Kertes ‘Cheers Cheers’
  • Jimmy Allen ‘Cheers Cheers’

I look forward to speaking with many of you this week and again, if you think I might not have your contact details PLEASE send them to or 0499 333 571.

As we head into the final stretch of the Future Footy Festival, as of today we have raised just over $26,000 towards our $30,000 goal. We are closing in on our target. Could we push through to $30,000 over the coming week?
We have however smashed our goal of having over 100 people join the Future Footy Festival and the club. We now have 124 member donors.  Incredible and thank you.  

Again, to all our community, if you are in a position to join The Wellers, now is the time as we need your support and would love to connect with you for the future. If you think someone might not be aware of the Festival, feel free to forward this email.

As a recap, you can join the OCGAFC Future Footy Festival as a member in four ways below.

The Future Footy Festival is a celebration of everything that is the Old Camberwell Grammarians’ Amateur Football Club. We are asking all supporters, past players, coaches, committee members and anyone with a connection to support your club. Our community is important to so many and we need to maintain the necessary facilities, infrastructure and people to continue to provide the best resources possible. 

In a nutshell;

  • Our goal is to raise $30,000 as this will help cover the costs of the VAFA affiliation fees, insurances, training resources including trainers and physios, coaches fees and our new website.
  • We want to engage with past/present supporters and players who want to be part of the future of our great club and community. We also want to reconnect with those who may not have been part of the club recently and are keen to again enjoy the Wellers spirit. 
  • We aim to run the Future Footy Festival annually as this will transform Old Camberwell’s financial sustainability and move us away from year by year financial management.
How can you get onboard?
  • The fundraiser is both a much needed drive to raise money and a passionate membership push. 
  • You can support us by becoming a member and donating through the four categories below. 
  • Please give what you can in these categories - any and all contributions make a difference.
  • Anyone who donates will be acknowledged and thanked in our weekly newsletter, several podcasts that will air in June and July and on our new website which will launch shortly.
  • Should you wish, anyone donating can also register their business for publication in our upcoming Wellers Business Directory which will be hosted on our new website. The directory will be launched in July.


1. “Cheers Cheers” - donations up to $100

2. “Come On The ‘Wells” - donations up to $250

3. “The Thunder “ - donations up to $750

4. “Onwards to Victory” - donations from $750 onwards

You can donate in two ways:

1.  Donate through the Australian Sports Foundation who we have partnered with to allow our supporters to make a tax deductible donation. Click on the link below and the click on the YELLOW DONATE icon. 

ASF Donations

2. Donate directly to OCGAFC using our bank details below. 

Account Name: Old Camberwell Grammarians Amateur Football Club Inc
BSB: 083-166
Account Number: 9882-44362

(Please note that a direct transfer will not receive tax deductible status)

Please include your name and mobile number when donating. 

I will personally follow up every donation and hope we have as many people join us for the long term. If you are kind enough to join the Future Footy Festival, it would be amazing if you could spread the word and let others know about it and if they would join up. 

Each week we’ll announce new initiatives, competitions and events alongside acknowledging those who have joined us already.

Naturally, we will thank those who support us with the upcoming 60 year club merchandise and we’ll be putting on a lunch to celebrate our Future Footy Festival Members and celebrate our Diamond Jubilee as soon as we’re able.

We have the most incredible and loyal supporters and hope you will get behind Old Camberwell Football Club and help shape the Wellers future.

Thank you in advance and speak soon.

Go Wells


Season Update - July 29th