We are looking for your support to allow us to continue offering vital services to our community and give young people the opportunity to remain engaged, develop networks for their careers and critically have a place they can come to that embraces difference and supports them.

Open to those wishing to make a tax deductable donation to the Club over $500 through the Australian Sports Foundation. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Due to ATO requirements regarding tax deductions, we are not able to offer any ‘benefits’ to donations made through the Australian Sports Foundation but rest assured, we will recognise and thank all our patrons across the course of the year for their generous support.

All OCGAFC Patrons will be listed on the club website with their photos.

If you are interested in being a patron, please contact our Adam Kyriacou, via adamkyriacou@outlook.com or on 0499 333 571 or Alex Taverner via membership@oldcamberwellfc.com.au or on 0433 142 390.