Women Seniors vs Old Geelong

Returning to football after a couple of weeks off - we were excited. And to take on the second place Old Geelong was never going to be an easy task having lost in our opening game by 7 goals. 

The focus was to take the game on and play as a team. And we set the standard high on Saturday as we displayed a real team effort. The first half was an arm wrestle and set up how the game would be played all day. Old Geelong kicked the first 2 goals before we clicked into gear late in the first. Our opening goal came from Rhiannon Green, who snapped around the body to open our account. Trailing at the first change, we were up and about as we knew our best was ahead.

Our second quarter was fantastic as our defence held Old Geelong to 1 behind while up forward we converted with Georgia Opray snagging two goals, the last coming from some great work up the field from Clare Wilson, before Maggie Wilsonkicked long to Georgia who ran into an open goal. Our defence was working brilliantly and stood up under pressure.

Old Geelong scored in the opening minute of the third quarter but to our credit, we responded at the next centre stoppage as our pressure lifted.  Our defence stood tall as Old Geelong had multiple forward entries throughout the third quarter but we managed to hold them to the 2 goals. We started to maintain possession and a long kick deep forward saw El Defina marked strongly and converted for an important goals for the quarter.

We started where we left off in the final quarter with the first clearance before locking down, as our midfield focused on their two way running and tackling pressure around the contest. With our onballers lifting, our forwards responded providing leads and working to keep the ball in our forward line and Nat Decarne capitalised with a great mark and goal from the pocket to put us a goal up. Old Geelong would score in the final minutes to level the game. To our credit we worked hard to keep the ball in our forward half but the siren sounded and the game finished in a draw. It was a sensational turnaround from our last meeting.

It was an outstanding standard of football from both teams and we are excited about the second half of the year and what we can achieve as a team. Congratulations to Amber Smith who played her first senior game. Well done to all our players as all players contributed across the ground.

Goal Kickers: G. Opray 2, R. Green, N. Decarne, E. Defina
Best Players: G. Opray, S. Fortunato, C. Wilson, S. Dunwell, A. Herrington, N. Strickland

Mens Seniors vs St Marys
I’d imagine all VAFA players welcomed the return of footy to their Saturday afternoon’s and our boys were no different, hence the eager anticipation of being back at GBO meeting an opponent who we had received a pretty unfriendly welcome from when we visited their home ground earlier in the season.
With the sun shining, GBO drying out magnificently from the previous day's rain, and following on from the Thirds & Reserves big wins, we approached the afternoon with confidence mixed with just a little trepidation. When a season is interrupted in the manner that ours has been due to Lockdown 4, momentum can be disrupted and possibly minds wander to other pursuits.
Fortunately, we got off to a solid start and whilst St Marys made it their primary goal to play stoppage based footy and slow our fast play, run receive brand of footy, we hit the quarter time break with an 8 point lead, and most importantly were starting to move the ball away from the contest in the manner we want.
Q2 was our 150 gamer Caine Hillier's quarter seeing him put together a 3 goal bonanza, all generated from strong, leading marks and finished off with confident set shots. By far our best quarter for the afternoon, we put 5 on the board and kept the opposition down to one goal to lead by 32 points at the long break.
Whilst we may have thought that we would simply 'press a button' and power away, the opposition had other ideas and doggedly clung on to us at every opportunity, turning the contest into a full-on slog. With Caine the only goal scorer for the quarter, no other player looked capable of hitting the scoreboard.
The final quarter continued to be played in a similar manner until St Marys found their goal scoring radar and promptly slammed on 4 goals in relatively quick succession to bring the lead back to within 15 points. The challenge was right in our faces. Fortunately, we were able to capitalise on a couple of critical opposition skill errors and convert two pressure easing goals. We finished the afternoon to run out 27 point winners and while it was too close for comfort and not our finest game, to the boys' great credit, when the team had to dig deep, they did steering us to a vital win.

Goal Kickers: C. Hillier 4, S. Kaiser, R. Verbi, B. Hart, D. Augustes, W. Dalrymple, A. Milham, L. Powell
Best Players: R. Deev, C. Wilson, W. Dalrymple, C. Hillier, M. Powell, D. Augustes

Mens Thirds vs St Leos

The People’s XVIII kicked off/headlined a Super Saturday at GBO, eager to replicate our winning form prior to the latest lockdown. The boys took on Emmaus St Leo’s, who we accounted for comfortably last time around on their home deck.
The signs were good early on, as we put on a 7 goal to 1 opening term to establish a strong, early lead. Ben Williams was prominent on the wing, whilst Lachie Appleby up forward bagged a few early majors. The juggernaut that is the People’s XVIII rolled on through to half time, continuing the early pressure and converting effectively. Steve Cunningham found his touch both in the middle and up forward, whilst Louis Campbell and Anton Giomi were solid contributors as well. Sol Zimmerman’s two-way running underscored our focus on team defence, which was really impressive to see from the sidelines.
Things didn’t slow down in the 3rd term, as we kept piling on the scoreboard pain for Emmaus. Nick Smith and Dan Rappelcashed in on their opportunities in the midfield, both turning in season best performances. Angus Dunn and Charlie MacCallum were also solid, as was “Billy Ray” Cyrus Chan down back. The final siren couldn’t come soon enough for our wearied opposition, as Michael Jenkin put on a masterclass with 5 goals in the last term alone, as he, Appleby and Cunningham went goal for goal through the quarter. Ben Williams capped off a great 4 quarter performance on the wing, whilst Dave Anjou and Dan Lattanzio sealed the win with goals of their own.
Overall, we won by 31 goals, breaking scoring records along the way for OCGAFC 3s. It wasn’t long ago that we were on the receiving end of those drubbings, so it’s very nice to be able to celebrate some team success this time around.
Be the 3s
*This was the highest score, most goals kicked and most scoring shots for a Thirds team in the club’s history

Goal Kickers: S. Cunningham 7, L. Appleby 6, M. Jenkin 6, N. Smith, B. Cottrell, S. Zimmermann, D. Lattanzio, B. Ebbage, C. Chan, D. Anjou, A. Dunn, L. Huysmans
Best Players: B. Williams, L. Appleby, S. Cunningham, M. Jenkin, S. Zimmermann, L. Campbell

U19 vs St Bernards

One would think it would take a couple of rounds to rediscover pre lockdown form, but not our under 19 team. Commitment was high from last Saturday’s session and that urgency only lifted at training through the week.

Therefore the boys were fired up to take on St. Bernards on the bottom oval at GBO, but it didn’t take long to see that our opposition had also turned up to play.

The first quarter was a tussle, the ball rebounding from half back to half back. Our backline, again lead wonderfully by Warburton and Craigie, teamed up well with Biggs, Nicholson and the ever improving Cohen Frazer. Much to everyone’s delight Will Woods returned from a long term injury, a raucous applause launching from our bench every time he got the pill.

In the middle of the ground our emerging ruckman Dom Rossetti worked tirelessly, not only giving us first use but managing to take his opposing ruckman out of the game from the second quarter on. Sam Garrard continued his incredibly consistent season, again racking up 30 plus possessions. Charlie Amling, another having a breakout season, was the raging bull that he is. But on this occasion it was Ben Kimmitt who stole the show, turning the game in a stellar 15 minute display of on ball football in the second quarter.

St. Bernards threw the kitchen sink at us in the first 10 minutes of the third, but again our backline stood firm. In the third quarter we lowered our eyes and found more creative ways to enter our forward 50. This resulted in 3 goals from Harry Rice, while the tireless Charlie Wills chipped in with two rippers. Ryan Albert had a blinder at centre half forward, bringing our small men into the game while kicking 2 important goals himself.

So another solid win it was, another 4 important points in what was the first of 5 home games in a row.

Go Wellers!

Goal Kickers: H. Rice 3, H. Laukens 3, R. Albert 2, C. Wills, B. Kimmitt, B. Ewens, G. Kalargyros, T. Nicholson, O. Papillo
Best Players: C. Frazer, R. Fitzgerald, T. Nicholson, S. Garrard, R. Albert, G. Kalargyros

Mens Reserves vs St Marys

After an unexpectedly long break, the Men's Reserves returned to GBO looking to redeem their efforts from earlier in the season against the same opposition. Determined not to let inaccuracy spoil their efforts a second time, the level of focus and energy was clear from the first bounce. 

Hard work at the coalface by Young and Stone enabled us to work the ball cleverly through the corridor providing great opportunities for Searles and Schipper. The Mailman celebrated his return to the twos with the cheekiest of sausages, catching an overly relaxed man on the mark unaware and guiding one home to keep things moving.  Vogel to Vogel football continues to prove a deadly addition to our arsenal with the two brothers linking up with damaging effect across the ground.
Our defensive mindset repelled a number of forward thrusts with Declan Gaffney closing down the Mary's Big Man, Hook showing his trademark hardness around the packs and Corso patrolling the airways with aplomb on his first outing with the Ressies for the year. Steve Walsh and Nick Russell got their hands dirty and joined in the party in front of goal and Searles added to his tally, finishing the day with a perfect handful. 
What continues to be most impressive about this side so far is our ability to execute on the game plan consistently and make adjustments as needed on the day. We spoke about the strength that our interchangeability offers us given that so many of the guys competing for spots can move confidently into different areas of the ground and change roles dynamically. Moving into the back half of the year we are excited about the challenges we face together and are energised by the opportunity to get out and play despite all that has been going on around us. It will take more than coronavirus to take this unit down.

Goal Kickers: N. Searles 5, N. Russell 2, S. Walsh 2, T. Schipper 2, P. Corso, M. Vogel, M. Cottrell, S. Cooper
Best Players: T. Vogel, P. Corso, S. Walsh, N. Searles, T. Pepperell, N. Russell

Womens Reserves vs Old Geelong

Footy is back! After missing out on a couple of rounds, we were chomping at the bit to play an old foe in Geelong. Whilst Melbourne put on a perfect winters morning, the recent rains meant that the barnyards centre was its slippery muddy best. 
The focus for the week was to be super strong in the backline and back ourselves with the ball in hand. The first quarter was a free flowing arm wrestle, both teams had ample opportunities moving the ball successfully from one end of the ground to the other. Following a relentless period of attack, Geelong kicked the first of the game. We responded, with some clean ball movement we were able to take the ball from the centre clearance and push it forward. Some classy forward craft from the ever present Jane Cunningham meant we levelled the score and had our first for the day. Geelong managed to get another before quarters time to take a lead into the first break. 
The second quarter picked up from where we left the first, free flowing from end to end, both sides had ample forward opportunities. Alannah Frampton was again the general in defence, laying tackle after tackle, bump after bump, she along with the rest of the backline contained Geelong to a couple of goals for the quarter. Running a couple of key position players through the midfield, it was great to see Joy Szeredi and Maddy Benallack take the opportunity with both hands and give us a different look. Sinead Chaplin capitalised on one of our forward entries with a great running goal.
With the wind at our back we really took it to Geelong in the 3rd quarter. Briony Mellor moved forward having run on ball for the first half, laid a huge run down tackle and was duly rewarded with the freekick. She went back and slotted her first goal for the club. We entered the final break 2 goals down but well in the game.
We took the approach of we would rather lose the game by 5 goals and try and win it than sit back and grind out a close loss. Frustratingly in doing so Geelong were too strong and kicked away in the last. It was a strong 3 quarter effort against a really good side. We know what we need to work on and are ready for Beaumaris next week.
Other notable mentions included Charlotte Kanini-Parsons return from injury, she showed great strength over the ball, winning numerous contests and leveraging her powerful kick. Charlotte lack had her best game for the club, playing both on ball and in full back. She won contest after contest and provided great direction to the girls on field. Finally but not least Bec Kertes demonstrated her running power playing both on the win and through the middle, and even executed a Christian Petracca like don’t argue.

Goal Kickers: S. Chaplin, B. Mellor, J. Cuningham
Best Players: C. Kanini-Parsons, B. Mellor, C. Lack, A. Frampton, J. Cuningham, M. Benallack


Weekend Results


MEN SENIORS   11.9.75
St Marys   7.6.48
MEN RESERVES   15.7.97
St Marys   7.7.49
Old Geelong   5.4.34
Old Geelong   8.8.56
MEN THIRDS   28.20.188
St Leos   1.5.11
U19   14.19.103
St Bernards   6.10.46

-- ROUND 11 --

Saturday 26th June
Men Thirds
9:20am vs Parkside (H)

9:20am vs Old Paradians (H)

Men Reserves
11:40am vs Therry Penola (H)

Men Seniors
2pm vs Therry Penola (H)

Women Reserves
12pm vs Beaumaris (A)
Banksia Reserve, Beaumaris MAP

Women Seniors
2pm vs Beaumaris (A)
Banksia Reserve, Beaumaris MAP