If playing is not for you, you might be interested in helping to assist our football program, gamedays, events or manage other off-field aspects of the club. The club relies heavily on the generous support of volunteers. There are a broad range of roles people can be involved in, including:

Football/gameday roles - assistance at home or away games

  • Team Manager - the role can be shared
  • Gameday volunteers - can commit casually, more regularly or every week
    • goal umpires
    • boundary umpires
    • timekeeper/scoreboard attendants
    • umpire escorts
    • canteen assistants

Off-field/sub-committee roles - support role to a specific function of the club

  • Player Welfare – e.g. supporting our Player Welfare Program
  • Event Support – e.g. assisting organisation or set up of club luncheons
  • Food & Beverage/Canteen Support – e.g. ordering canteen supplies, catering Thursday night dinners
  • Merchandise Support – e.g. ordering or distributing apparel
  • Communications Support – e.g. managing social media platforms, gameday photography, generating media content/graphic design
  • Club Operations Support – e.g. assisting with specific projects/tasks identified by the committee
  • Sponsorship & Membership Support – e.g. identifying sponsorship opportunities

If you are interested in helping out in some capacity, please contact us for a chat:

President, Adam Kyriacou via adamkyriacou@outlook.com or on 0499 333 571

Football Operations Manager, Andrew Romanin via romanin.andrew@gmail.com or on 0431 720 349

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